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New RPG & DB2 Summit Sessions Help IBM i Developers Achieve Big Goals

The RPG & DB2 Summit - Fall 2015

So much to celebrate at the 18th RPG & DB2 Summit in Chicago! See the highlights in this photo storyboard.

RPG IV has come of age! Over 175 IBM i professionals traveled from as far away as Australia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Portugal to learn the latest IBM i development skills and to wish RPG IV a happy 21st birthday, complete with cake and a champagne toast.

Nine future RPGers from Gateway Technical College and Muskegon Community College came for the education… and educated us. Getting to know them inspired excitement about bringing the next generation into our shops.

The week flew by with classes, workshops, discussions, community events…and lots of laughs.

We honored 6 "Super Alumni" at this Summit — those who have attended five or more events. Congratulations Regina, Duane, Ake, Gary, Janell and Alan! We also honored the many contributions of 15x Summit instructor and all-around good guy Kent Milligan, who is now working on the Clinical Trials project in IBM's Watson division.

Who's your daddy, Watson? (Answer: IBM i!)

From ILE to JSON, we explored the gambit of RPG and DB2-related techniques and still had time to have fun and win some prizes. Hats off to Harry, who won a baseball signed by Tony La Russa… and then searched out a La Russa fan so he could pass it along. The IBM i community at its best!

The Exhibitor Showcase featured useful productivity tools, marbles, problem-solving with ISVs, and yet more prizes.

Keynote speaker Roxanne Reynolds-Lair, former CIO at FIDM, gave us insight into how we can best help our CIOs. She advised focusing on 5 "soft" skills: Communicate; Collaborate; Build relationships across departments; Solve problems proactively; and Act with integrity.

In the iAdvocate session, Yvonne Enselman expertly led a discussion on how we can each actively work to bring new talent to the IBM i platform. The students impressed us with their contributions and made it clear that they welcome opportunities for internships and/or mentoring.

As always, the exceptional experts who round out the Summit family deserve kudos for its success: Scott Klement, Barbara Morris, Kent Milligan, Tom McKinley, Aaron Bartell, Mike Pavlak, Guy Vig, Ted Holt, Patrick Botz and, of course, Roxanne Reynolds-Lair. Our thanks.

Visit our Facebook page for more pictures of this Summit, and subscribe to our mailing list for news of the next RPG & DB2 Summit coming up in Dallas, March 22-24, 2016. Hope to see you there!

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