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System i Developer Expands Free
iAdvocate Resource Library

Summit Keynote Ian Jarman contributes vignette slide set

Peterborough, NH - October 29, 2013 - System i Developer, the consortium of top educators on IBM i development technologies, today announces the addition of several new resources in their online IBM iAdvocate Resource repository. This freely accessible repository provides IBM i professionals with compelling data and presentation materials that they can use to communicate the strengths of IBM i as a business application platform to their colleagues and management.

A key addition to the repository is a presentation - complete with speaker notes - entitled 25 Years of IBM i Innovation. Originally developed by IBM's Ian Jarman to celebrate the system's 25 year history, the presentation's clever vignettes have been used around the world to highlight the unique strengths of the platform. The repository also includes a companion white paper.

"The 25 Years of IBM i Innovation materials are as a great way of educating the IBM i illiterate using simple, everyday comparisons," says Susan Gantner, partner at System i Developer. "The stories are interesting and memorable, and they drive home just why the IBM i is the strongest platform for business."

Jarman shared personal insights into the development of the vignettes during his Keynote address at the RPG & DB2 Summit on October 15.

Other iAdvocate resources include new benchmark results for SAP on IBM i as well as independent cost/benefit research findings for SAP on IBM i.

"The truly exciting thing about this new research is the fact that the brand-new, much-touted in-memory HANA database couldn't beat good ol' DB2 for i!" exclaims Gantner.

"In spite of all the hype from SAP and Oracle, our very own DB2 for i has had in-memory capability for 25 years - 35 if you count the System/38! Mike Cain set that record straight on his blog. It speaks to our database's efficiency for any business application, not just SAP."

The iAdvocate repository is one component of System i Developer's iAdvocate program, which was designed to arm RPG & DB2 Summit attendees with the skills, information and confidence to advocate for IBM i - and their own careers - within their own shops.

The second component of the iAdvocate program is interactive skills training at each RPG & DB2 Summit via a main tent session developed by IBM's Mike Cain. The iAdvocate Tutorial and Discussion focuses on exploring techniques to 1) articulate the IBM i message and 2) get into the position to influence decision makers within our organizations.

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